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Our firm recently contracted Launch and  Brenda for 18 months to support and develop the sales and marketing team at 3D‐P. Brenda is a consummate professional and brought a wealth of real‐world experience to our company. She introduced a strategic approach to our sales and marketing process that has had a profound effect on our organization. Her implementation of process and accountability transformed the way our leadership team manage and deploy the front‐line sales group. These lasting changes have positively influenced the hunter mentality that we covet in this group and grown our bottom line. Brenda’s expertise in marketing and social media usage was also an essential part of this engagement and has greatly enhanced our approach to reaching our clients. Brenda services would be an asset to any organization seeking to grow their sales IQ and turbo charge their marketing efforts.

Rob Duthie   CEO at 3D-P

Chief Growth Officer



Brenda is the Chief Growth Officer for Launch Strategic Group.  As Chief Growth Officer Brenda offers companies the consistent leadership needed to facilitate the changes that are necessary to achieve strategic sales growth and improve the company’s future growth prospects.

With 20 plus years in business development and sales strategy, Brenda’s success has been the ability to build sales teams recognized for their performance excellence and accountability. She has strong business acumen and many years of experience understanding the business issues of clients across a multitude of industries. Over her many years in building sales teams, Brenda has demonstrated leadership with both her teams and her strategic partners.

With a strong belief in social giving, Brenda volunteers regularly with the Drop in Centre, Soup Sister and participates in the CIBC Run for the Cure. She is VP of Calgary Women in Energy- a nonprofit focused on professional women in the oil and gas sector with a purpose to continuing education in the energy sector as well as community involvement.

Our Work

Our Work

 We've had the opportunity to work with Brenda on many different projects over the years and I can't say enough good things about what she brings to the table. Not only does she help her clients setup awesome sales strategies and coach their sales teams through to success, but I tremendously appreciate the business acumen and a "get it done" attitude she always champions. I find that the process she uses with her clients is tried and true and gives the peace of mind that she can help you get where you're trying to go without the extra fluff. If you're looking to build a new sales team or revive your current one- she should be your first call!  

Lisa Genovese  President at BottomLine