Investment-$6000 Rate-$150 an hour (40 hours-4 weeks)

Introduction to Launch Training Program


Session One -Understanding the Sales Process and Planning




Understanding the sales process, tools to track and measure success, leveraging a CRM and determining the length of the sale cycle. 

  1. How to make a favorable first impression in the first five minutes of a client meeting
  2. Building the steps in your sales process 
  3. How to find out clients’ needs to move them through the sales funnel 
  4.  How to identify the metrics to categorize prospects and clients 
  5.  How to build a client relationship that resonates with the client 
  6.  How to identify and manage the fears associated with sales and business development
  7.  How to use an informative interview to learn the needs of a clients and add value in your sales strategy


Overarching Goals:

  1. Build a sustainable relationship communication system for long term business results. 
  2. Develop a sales funnel to move people from new prospects to buyers 
  3. Know how to reach out to new prospects to gain new clients using social media tools and technology 


Session Two -The Strategy Session



The planning session is training to determine who your target clients should be, what value they want, how that should affect and change your business and what you have to get right to become the preferred service provider for the best customers in your market.

  1.  Define your target market including the two key decision makers titles are
  2. How long is your sale cycle and how many touch points do you need to convert
  3.  Define message that resonates for each of your target audience
  4. The tools described here are the tools needed by sales position employees to lead their valued teams toward the levels of success they know their company can achieve

Session Three -LinkedIn Training



The skill of how to effectively utilize Linked In is a critical step in your business sales strategy today. We will teach you how to: 

  1. set up target searches on LinkedIn to build out a lead list of the right contacts
  2. how you will engage with these new contacts to warm them up
  3. the three  defined steps for each contact so they move through a sales cycle
  4. other ways to engage and build the relationship
  5. definition of how long a sales cycle you truly have
  6. where do you go  from here
  7. sales process aligned with this strategy
  8. Importance of brand representation socially 

Session Four -Measurable Success



What it comes down to is this - "what you can measure, you can manage". By identifying and monitoring the buyers’ journey, you'll be in a position to improve performance in a much more controlled and targeted way. Defining metrics and assigned roles gives feedback to all involved in the sales process. We will discuss the importance of reporting performance and how communication impacts the overall organization. 

  1. track the buyers’ journey
  2. how to use an CRM effectively
  3.  how many contacts in the buyers’ journey did it take to convert
  4. review the different types of contacts in the buyers’ journey to see what is effective
  5. Define sales roles along with      role description in the sale cycle
  6. Define ROI on each activity sales team is involved in
  7. What will sales team be measured on
  8. What is the target revenue each      part of team is responsible for

Outcomes: At the end of the training program you will be able to:




At the end of the training program you will be able to: 

  1. Identify and create a sales process understanding the connection to the 
  2. business vision and goals 
  3.  Prepare a sales plan for your target market
  4.  Understand your role as a team member in the business vision for growth 
  5.  Steps in the sales cycle for your target market 
  6. Proficiency in using Linked in as a sales tool for business
  7.  How to use a CRM to monitor and track clients through a buyer’s journey 
  8. Accountability in a sales role and how to close business  

Learning Objective(s):   

Given the 40 hour sales training program, objectives are: 

  1.   Ability to know how to attract and convert prospects into new tech clients.
  2. Ability to follow up with existing clients moving them through the sales funnel and closing deals. 
  3.  Learn the skills, and develop the capacity to proactively drive new business and be accountable to goals established in the team. 

Instructor Bio: Brenda Beckedorf



Brenda offers companies sales and business training needed to achieve strategic sales growth and improve employee’s sales skills.  With 20 plus years in business development and sales strategy, and training, Brenda’s success has been the ability to build sales teams recognized for their performance excellence and accountability. She has strong business acumen and many years of experience understanding the business issues of clients across a multitude of industries. Over her many years in building sales teams, Brenda has demonstrated outstanding sales skill development for the businesses she serves. Brenda has contributed to many industry associations and boards such as: Calgary Women in Energy: Alberta IoT, Calgary Newcomers’ Club, Dandly, Discovery House